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Holy Moly! 4 Sources of collagen in this product!! New Launch Product coming soon!

Holy Moly! 4 Sources of collagen in this product!! New Launch Product coming soon!

August 17, 2021


New Product Launch!

Collagen is the largest and most abundant protein in our bodies, and makes up about 70-80% of our skin (Dermis).  Most people think of beautiful / healthy skin, hair, and nails when they think of collagen. Collagen is responsible for our skins elasticity, firmness, and healthy glow. Which is fantastic and a reason to love it all on it's own right?  Well, it gets even better....

Collagen actually hydrates our bodies from the inside out. What many people don't realize is that collagen helps improve every single organ inside of our insides too. Aids inflammation, and everything from our joints to our gut health! Wow!  I had no idea either.

There are a lot of collagen products coming out on the market and many of those products are very popular and very good products.  It is hard to compete with such great products.  Luckily for me, I work for a company that really cares about our health and wellness.  They are committed to making the best products and constantly working on how they can improve products to make them the best quality for us.  

I don't yet have all of the details about the new products being launched, but they did give us some morsels to to keep us at bay. 

I am told it is going to better than anything you can find on the market today! They are using new Biosync Technology, which is water encapsulated for immediate 100% absorption into your body. They made it in liquid form which is improved from powder form because it goes through one less processing step for drying it out, and you don't have to mix it in a liquid like water before consuming, which further spreads out the molecules.

AND, if that's not enough---> We are using 4 different types of collagen in our products. Most of the most popular collagen products on the market today only use one source of collagen (maybe 2 in some), which is still a really good product, but we just wanted to take it to the next level and make it the best collagen product on the market. Yes, it is medical grade! Yes, it is highly absorbable, yes, it has 4 sources of collagen, yes it is in liquid form for best absorption.
That is all I know for now, besides it is going to be amazing! They are keeping the cat pretty tightly in the bag, but this is what has leaked so far. If you want the information right when I get it, please DM me to get on my VIP contact list to be the first to know about the new collagen products coming out!
They will more than likely sell out fast after being released and I for one will be jumping on it the second it launches.




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