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Complimentary Tropical Vacation For Two

I enjoy giving my team incentives for their milestones and successes.  We like to keep it fun around here. So as your first milestone bonus (deciding to start your business journey with us today), I am rewarding you with a complimentary 3-5 night vacation to a location of your choice out of any of our pre-approved locations. You only have to pay the taxes and room fees (which vary depending on location) but the night charges are completely free and on me! *You could also extend your nights with that free $200 Hotel Savings Voucher that I am giving out for signing up for my Newsletter too. 

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This offer expires at end of the month

I offer International, more Exotic locations or
locations within the U.S. for those that prefer to vacation in the U.S. instead

Orlando, Las Vegas, Miami, Cancun, Matzalan, Puetra Vallarta, Punta Cana, or Hawaii

Choose a 3-5 Night Complementary Vacation for 2 on me!

Take a short survey and get a $200 Hotel Savings Card


You will get the $200 Hotel Savings Voucher just for taking my survey to see if you are a good fit for our team. No Strings Attached. Since Time equals Money- I am  rewarding you with a hotel savings card for spending your time with me and taking the opportunity survey. After completing the survey you will be taken to a page with more information about our company and how to begin. 

What's Next?

1.  Submit the survey and automatically "Get Your Hotel Savings Card" (it will be sent to the email provided by you in our survey).
2.  If you are qualified for the opportunity, we will immediately redirect you to the next step where you get more information.
3.  Everybody that signs up as an Ambassador by month end with at least 100pv purchase, 
     will also get a Bonus 3-5 Night Tropical Vacation For Two!
     Passive income starts for you....


Some Details About Our Vacation Giveaways


1. I AM PAYING FOR YOUR NIGHTLY ROOM FEES ONLY. (up to $350 a night). 2. Nice quality hotels and locations to choose from (that have received excellent reviews from those who have gone already) 3. You are responsible for the nightly Govt. taxes and hotel fees for the getaway. 4. The Taxes and hotel fees vary depending on the hotel and location $20-$40 a night typically. 5. I am paying up to $350 a night for your room stays, but... 6. You are responsible for your own airfare and airport transfers 7. You are responsible for your own food & beverages. 8. You have 18 Months to BOOK your vacation once it has been activated. **If you don't plan on traveling because of the state of the world right now, I will transfer it into a friend or family member's name instead for you. LIMITED TIME OFFER! Get it while it lasts!