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Complimentary Dream Vacation For Two

Choose a 3-5 Night Dream Vacation for 2 on me!

I enjoy giving my team lots of incentives for their milestones and successes.  We like to keep it fun around here. So as your first milestone bonus (deciding to start your business journey with us today), I am rewarding you with a complimentary 3-5 night vacation to a location of your choice out of any of our pre-approved locations. You only have to pay the taxes and room fees (which vary depending on location) but the night charges are completely free and on me! *You could also extend your nights with that free $200 Hotel Savings Voucher that I am giving out for signing up for my Newsletter too. 

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This offer expires on 10-31-2021 

I offer International more Exotic locations or
locations in the U.S. for those that prefer to enjoy sites here

Take a short survey and get a $200 Hotel Savings Card


You will get the $200 Hotel Savings Voucher
just for taking my survey to see if you are a good fit for our team.
No Strings Attached.

High Quality Clean Supplements That Are Changing Lives

Health products like I've never seen before with patent pending technology for quick and maximum absorption into our bodies by a company that cares about quality over everything else.

 Explosive Company Growth! 

The timing can't be beat and if you've ever wished that you could have started in a business in the earliest of days and be sitting near the top before the companies expansion explodes, then you probably already realize what a phenomenal opportunity this is. But if you still need convincing...

In 2018 we rebranded and revamped our compensation plan. Before that our company was mainly white coat (meaning only Doctors, Chiropractors, and other medical staff were the ones selling our supplements). We doubled in 2020 and have already quadrupled before the end of this year! Through last year we grew 700% and now we are at an impressive 1200% growth about half way through the year. That was before our Collagen launch and our new Terpenes launches that are amazing products!
Right now we are exploding with growth and this is just the beginning.   

We were recently named the 3rd fastest growing NWM company by Forbes and #1 in our industry. They also mentioned that if anybody is looking to get into this type of business than this is their best opportunity! WOW!

Between the unsaturated market, the enormous growth of the company, the high quality products that people love, Our Naturopathic MD. that researches and creates our innovative products, and our amazing compensation plan, many of us are able to make in weeks and months what it took us years to accomplish in other companies. Once this market finally does get saturated in several years, We will be those people sitting at the top and the roots we grow now can continue to supply us with exceptional residual cash for years to come. We are here to stay and we are kicking butt by launching product after product that are either better than what's out there or even brand new products that nobody has even seen yet! I am continually amazed and excited about how many lives we have been able to change! Come check it out for yourselves.

Generous Benefits

-Stacked Bonuses

-Up to $400 a month paid towards a debt of our choice

-They want to help us achieve true financial freedom by offering financial coaching with a FREE Financial Planner (available to you from day one)!!

-Currently only 1% saturation rate. (This is huge)

-87% customer retention rate. (these are customers only. They are not making any money in the business)

-Set paycheck amounts once you reach each rank so you aren't left guessing what you will earn (yes, we now get paid weekly instead of just monthly which is fabulous!)

-Work from anywhere and on your own schedule.

-Only takes about 5-7 hours a week to grow your business and can be Social Media Optional.

-Only $40 to start your own business that comes with your own personal website for sales and back office. And you can handle everything right from your phone, at the touch of your fingertip.

-No Inventory to store or buy. They place orders through your website and the company ships the products for you. 

Unmatched Compensation Plan
Generous Bonuses at every rank- (from rank one!)
Unsaturated Market
Free Financial Planner
Time Freedom
Financial Freedom
Less Stress
Enjoy Your Life Again!

We have a fabulous compensation plan that cannot be beat! Watch the video below to learn how you can get paid in 4 different ways here at QSciences!

The President of our Company and person responsible for creating our amazing compensation plan took the time to do an Opportunity call for our team!!  Family, Friends, Faith, Fitness, and Finances is what we are about!

No Experience Needed.  Anybody can do this!

We have a supportive team that works closely together to help us grow and cheer each other on. It is a very supportive atmosphere and I couldn't be happier that this opportunity fell in my lap in this perfect timing. 

How to Join QSciences as an Ambassador

Click on Shop / Join near the upper left side

Next choose AMBASSADOR in order to start up your business. Preferred customers can get the 25% off, but cannot earn any money on referrals or build a business. 

Choose the products that you want to try. Place at least (100PV) worth of products into your cart. When you are finished click Continue. The next screen is the Autoship screen- Here you can choose a few products to ship next month. You can change your autoship items each month.  You will want to set your Autoship as early in the month as possible because we get paid weekly at this company. (More about that when you get started) but you can skip past this screen for now by clicking continue and set up the autoship in your back office later.

Last, is the payment screen. You will have all of your products in there and also a $39.95 business activation fee (only paid once a year). For this you get a website to refer others to make purchases or join and it has a back end that keeps track of it all for you. This company does all the heavy lifting for you. QSciences fulfills all of the orders and ships it directly to your customers and you earn the commissions and more!  They also handle the returns, product questions, and product problems for you too. No inventory laying around your house! 

Some Details About Our Vacation Giveaways

I am happy to announce that the members that have been able to take advantage of this offer have had really great experiences and had nothing but fabulous things to say about their accommodations. I am compiling some video testimonials of people's experiences so that you can feel confident to take us up on this amazing offer..

First Off!! No Timeshare Presentations! YAY!! (what a relief, huh?)

* You must have a Credit or Debit Card to reserve the room and at least one traveler must be 21 years old. 
* This offer is only covering your nightly room costs. You are responsible for all taxes and or hotel fees that are charged on top of the nightly room charge.  You are also responsible for your own food/drink/and airport/ hotel transfers.
* You have 18 months to book and use the vacation after activating.