About Us - Karen Renee Knowles

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About Us

A little bit about me!  

My name is Karen Knowles

I am a Wife, a Mom, I create wire jewelry, and I'm a Dental Hygienist in Michigan (retired but still registered).

I am also into boating, jet skiing, and target practice. I enjoy trying all sorts of guns, bows, scopes, you name it.

People ask me if I hunt.  Nope, I would feel awful if I hurt an animal so the only thing aim at living things is a camera! 

I used to be sort of scared of firearms because I didn't know much about them. One day I asked a friend to take me shooting so I could learn and it opened up a whole can of worms for me.  I was pretty good at it even from my first try, which made me want to try again.  Then I started training monthly with an amazing group of ladies where we learned about firearms safety, self defense, situational awareness, and getting to make new friends with similar interests made it so much fun :) 

I enjoy Encouraging and Empowering as many Women as possible to live their best lives possible! If I can learn to step up and step out of my comfort zones, then so can you. 

The other ladies chuckle at me because I am always laughing or smiling after trying something new. It is definitely a little empowering getting over fears and trying things in a safe and comfortable space. I highly recommend it, if that is something you have ever thought of doing. 

 Over the past decade, I have been into changing my lifestyle to toxin free and finding ways to be healthier in general.  I have done a ton of research on most things natural based and trying to learn how to not only make our lives toxin free but also get the most from the nutrition products that we take for maximum health benefits. Our soils are depleted making most of our foods very nutritionally deplete even when we are doing our best to get and stay healthy. 

I use essential oils and Thieves Cleaner for cleaning and freshening my home, I use them for cooking, and I also use them for their beneficial health benefits in my body. The oils helped me on my journey to Health and Wellness and now  I have found the next component to take our health to the next level.

 I am very into high quality products; so partnering with this new company was a no brainer for me.  This company is based on their passion for health & Wellness and making better products with maximum absorption / benefits for improving lives. This company is based upon keeping it real and focuses on all around health by encouraging strength in all of the key areas in our lives- Family, Faith, Friends, Fitness, Financial Freedom. They strive to make the best products out there by finding out what is lacking in the supplements on our market and researching how to improve them for things like full absorption and usage in our bodies.  In doing so they created BIOSYNQ technology for full and rapid absorption using water encapsulation instead of oil based products that take longer to absorb. In doing so we created a superior and full spectrum hemp oil and then also used the same technology to create a product that is not even on the market until now.  TERPENES are here and they are AMAZING! Not to mention, we also just released the only full Matrix and Medical Grade Liquid Collagen products on the market. We have so many more amazing products in the works and getting released soon! I have no idea how this opportunity found me, but I am sure glad that it did!

I joined QSciences  for the superior products and then learned about the amazing compensation plan and ground floor opportunity afterwards so I didn't even give it a second thought when deciding to start my own business with this phenomenal company. This company has been changing lives by bringing to the table- New and innovative health and wellness products that are blowing the rest out of the water and I couldn't be happier to be part of this company!

Ask how it can change your life too!