Extra Streams of Income for Salon owners and Spas - Karen Renee Knowles

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Extra Streams of Income for Salon owners and Spas

Extra streams of income for Salons an spa owners

It's been a crazy couple years and the instability has been just awful for most businesses.  If you are looking to supplement your income during the slow times, I have some great suggestions for maximizing your income potential with an extra stream of income.  We are a Ground floor company that is in a massive growth phase.  We make Vitamins , Full Spectrum Hemp Products, Terpenes ( a brand new product that has never been on the market yet),  and a brand new medical grade liquid Collagen product that is better than anything out there right now.  Yes! We are that kind of company!  Many salons and spas are taking advantage of this extra stream of income. And some are making more with this second stream of income than they have been with their brick and mortar businesses.  It is great to have a back up that could potential be your fist up when you need it most.

 Salons have been supplementing their income by selling our Liquid collagen and Terpenes products to their clients. You are already selling products to your customers, and you have time to talk about them

 with my company. Our company has the best compensation plan out there. We were voted #3 fasted growing NWM and #1 fastest groeing in our field.  So basically you can sell straight up and earn up to 50% on the products via wholesale bulk purchase to sell in store and you can earn up to 35% from all sales that your customers place through your website that is part of your Ambassador plan. That way they can just order or re-order themselves directly from the company via your website and you earn up to 35% on the purchases.  The other way to earn is if you find 2 other poeple to sign up as Ambassadors and you unlock your compensation plan to start earning the really big bucks.  Even if you don't intend for this to happen, it could organically happen if two of your customers sign up for Ambassador accounts and then start building teams under you because we build deep instead of wide so that we are all helping each other out.