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Full Spectrum Hemp Oils

Q Fuse Cinnamon

Retail- $95

Wholesale- $79.95

Q Fuse Berry

Retail- $95

Wholesale- $79.95



Q Fuse Mocha

Retail- $95

Wholesale- $79.95

1500mg BIOSYNQ™ Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

300mg Naturally-occurring Cannabidiol (CBD)

Q Fuse Pets CBD/Hemp

Retail- $95

Wholesale- $79.95

(THC Free) CBD/Hemp

Retail- $95

Wholesale- $79.95




Wholesale- $89.95

INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Natural Flavors, BIOSYNQ™ (Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract, B-Caryophyllene, Limonene), Stevia Leaf Extract (Glucosylsteviosides), Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin, Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate.

Q Muscle Relief Creams and Roll-ons


Q EXCEL Muscle Relief Cream

Your muscles need this.


This fast-acting recovery cream provides quick, soothing relief to muscle aches and joint discomfort. Q EXCEL features BIOSYNQ™ Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, herbs, botanicals, and essential oils.*

Q RENEW Comfort Cream

Finally, some relief.


This head-to-toe, everyday use comfort cream provides gentle relief from aches and pains. Designed for the whole family, Q RENEW Comfort Cream provides all the benefits of BIOSYNQ™ Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and calming essential oils.*

Relax Intensive Roll On

Take it easy.


Q RELAX is a blend of BIOSYNQ™ Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with dreamy essential oils for ultimate serenity.*

Q Twist Hemp/ CBD Water Enhancer


A water enhancing CBD drink mix provides a unique twist on traditional broad spectrum hemp. Available in 4 different delicious flavors with different benefits.*


-50mg of Broad Spectrum Hemp Powder with 10mg of CBD in each stick pack*

-Water soluble for superior absorption*

-Support for everyday stresses*

-Supports a sense of calm for focus*

-May promote overall wellness*


BIOSYNQ (patented) Technology for immediate absorption.

*Full Spectrum Hemp

*100% Delivery & Immediate Onset

*Hemp Oil that you can feel instantly

Full Spectrum Hemp vs. Isolates

Q Fuse is Full Spectrum Hemp which means it uses all of the plant instead of just pulling out certain isolates from it and removing the rest like the isolate CBD oils.

The different compounds work together synergistically to create the FULL EFFECT.





FULL EFFECT- is a proposed mechanism by which Cannabis compounds act synergistically to modulate the overall effects of the plant.


There are more than 100 terpenes in one cannabis flower. Terpenes give cannabis it's distinctive aromatic and flavor qualities as well as hosting a variety of therapeutic effects. Cannabis Terpenes like Linalol (also found in lavender) and Pinene (in conifers) have been use to promote sleep and fight inflammation

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Hemp Product Sheets

All the fun details about our Hemp oils

Q Fuse Full Spectrum Hemp oil


Q Fuse (THC FREE) Full SPectrum Hemp Oil


Q REST+ Full Sprectrum Hemp Oil



Q Fuse Silver Full Spectrum Hemp Oil


Q PETS Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for pets


Q Twist Water Enhancer- Full Spectrum Hemp