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My name is Karen Knowles and I would like to tell you a little bit about how I got started with Essential Oils.
When my daughter Summer was born, I was on my way to a healthier lifestyle, but it really got kicked into overdrive fast when I started trying to find natural and organic supplies to use on her delicate skin/body and started realizing that toxins are in EVERYTHING! Even most of the products called natural and organic were still filled with chemicals that weren't acceptable to me.  It was then that I really started discovering how cheap and super easy it was to start making most of my own Bath, Body, and Cleaning products that were actually working to help keep us healthy, smell great, and work way better than those "Green" products (that never seemed to work) on the shelves at the grocery store.
Our skin is the LARGEST Organ in our bodies and
we absorb up to 60% of what we put on our skin.

 With hundreds of toxic chemicals being absorbed into our skin through our everyday personal care products, cleaning products, what we consume, and everything in our environment, it is hard for our bodies to eliminate them all efficiently. These toxins end up getting stored in your fat cells and become even harder to eliminate at this point. These stored toxins form a "slime layer" around your cells and make it very difficult for healthy nutrients to penetrate through to nourish your cells.  This can cause your cells to become unhealthy and disease can  start to form in your body.

Many of those chemicals listed on your products are hormone interrupters and If you value the body you live in and enjoy your good health then try to avoid most of those chemicals whenever possible. As your body continues to accumulate and store so many toxins on a daily basis, it  can be overwhelming for our systems and our organs can start to decay, break down, & malfunction.


Some of the Health Issues Linked to Toxic Chemicals in the body:

Hormone Disruptive, Infertility, Birth Defects, Reproductive Problems, Learning Disabilities, Skin Allergies, Cancer… 


Children are especially vulnerable to toxins because of their immature immune system & higher metabolism rates.

Simply eliminating many of the daily toxins that your body absorbs from your Home and Body care products makes a huge impact on your immune system. That is only a small part of how essential oils can improve your life. Essential Oils work from a cellular level. The oils get into the cells and help them perform at optimal levels- keeping you healthy from the inside out.  The best part is that essential oils can penetrate the slime layer and help your body eliminate some of those stored toxins too.

I have prepared the following E-books for Free Download- Each Book has tons of great Recipes to help eliminate toxins from your life by replacing the toxic chemicals used in most cleaning and Body Care Products. Just start with one product at a time and before you know it, you will be toxin free too!

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             Essential Home & Body- Over 90 DIY Recipes For Toxin Free Living