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Welcome!  My name is Karen Knowles and I would like to tell you a little bit about how I got started with young Living.

When my daughter Summer was born I was on my way to a healthier lifestyle, but it really got kicked into overdrive fast when I started trying to find natural and organic supplies to use on her delicate skin and body and started realizing that toxins are in EVERYTHING! Even most of the products called natural and organic was still filled with chemicals that weren't acceptable to me.  It was then that I really started discovering how cheap and super easy it was to start making most of my own Bath, Body, and cleaning products that were actually working help keep us healthy, smell great, and work way better than those "Green" products (that never seemed to work) on the shelves at the grocery store.


Our skin is the LARGEST Organ in our bodies and
we absorb up to 60% of what we put on our skin.

 With hundreds of toxic chemicals being absorbed into our skin through our everyday Personal Care Products, Cleaning Products, what we Consume, and everything in our Environment, it is hard for our bodies to eliminate them all efficiently. These toxins end up getting stored in your fat cells and become even harder to eliminate at this point. These stored toxins form a "slime layer" around your cells and make it very difficult for healthy nutrients to penetrate through to nourish your cells.  This can cause your cells to become unhealthy and disease can  start to form in your body.

As your body continues to accumulate and store so many toxins on a daily basis, it  can be overwhelming for our systems and our organs can start to decay, break down, & malfunction.

Many of those chemicals listed on your products are hormone interrupters and If you value the body you live in and enjoy your good health then try to avoid most of those chemicals whenever possible.

Some of the Health Issues Linked to Toxic Chemicals in the body:

Hormone Disruptive, Infertility, Birth Defects, Reproductive Problems, Learning Disabilities, Skin Allergies, Cancer…


Children are especially vulnerable to toxins because of their immature immune system & higher metabolism rates. 

Simply eliminating many of the daily toxins that your body absorbs from your Home and Body care products makes a huge impact on your immune system. That is only a small part of how essential oils can improve your life. Essential Oils work from a cellular level. The oils get into the cells and help them perform at optimal levels- keeping you healthy from the inside out.  The best part is that essential oils can penetrate the slime layer and help your body eliminate some of those stored toxins too.

How do essential Oils work?

Essential oils simply remind the cells what they were originally designed to do. They accomplish this action by cleansing, supporting & aligning cell function. Once the cells are operating optimally, proper nutrients keep the cells duplicating efficiently. Remember, every system of the body requires unique nutrients, knowing that, it is a simple Case of feeding the system.

  • Essential oils have a very small molecular size and are lipid-soluble so they can quickly penetrate the skin and possibly penetrate cell membranes. According to the research of Jean Valnet, MD. Essential oils can affect every cell of the body within 20 minutes and are then metabolized like other nutrients. Essential Oils help stimulate blood flow which increases nutrients and Oxygen delivery and may also help detoxify your blood and cells- according to research at University of Vienna.
  • Essential oils Support for all of your body systems to keep everything working together in perfect harmony.
  • Essential oils are oxygen producing.
  • They are also potential antioxidants.
  • Everybody uses their oils for different reasons to promote emotional and physical well being.
  • Some want to support their body systems, some use them to help relax, others to help focus, or just smell nice. Some oils are stimulating, while others help calm and relax. They can liven up a room, help you relax & unwind, Aid your immune system & digestive systems, or just to spice up your cooking….There is no end to your oil uses.
  • Essential oils make great skin and beauty care products. I have Bath & Body DIY recipes on my blog you can enjoy.
  • Many of the oils also contain great cleaning properties- I have tons of great recipes on my blog and website. Also a free download too.
  • I use my essential oils frequently for cooking and baking. They add a wonderful aroma and flavor. i am currently finishing up a cookbook that teaches you exactly how to use your oils in the kitchen. Stay tuned!


We have replaced our toxic cleaning supplies, bath & body care products, eliminated the use of medications (consequently, we are all healthy and don't need any medications in our household.)

 This world seems to love to push toxic chemicals into our everyday lives. 

By making better choices and starting to make one small change at a time you can start turning your life in a healthier direction. Every small step counts! Then it is a snowball effect. That is how it happened to me. I learned how toxic one of my favorite products was... and I learned how to make it myself with essential oils. It turned out so great that I couldn't wait to learn how to make my own EVERYTHING! And for the products I am too lazy to make myself- Young Living offers great natural alternatives already formulated with Essential Oils.  Before you know it, you are on your way to Perfect health, improved lifestyle, more energy, and a happier life all around.

Start improving your health and lifestyle today by joining Young Living as a wholesale member to earn 24% off all products. Young Living offers some really great starter packages, my favorite is the Premium Starter Kit. It offers 11 of the most commonly used oils and a great Home Ultrasonic Diffuser. Plus some other sample packs, small sharing vials, and a bunch of information on how to start using your oils.

 This is the best way to dive in and have everything you need to get started. To learn more about joining Young Living and the Premium Starter Kit options please visit HERE NOW.



Premium Starter Kit

The Premium Starter Kit now allows you to choose your favorite diffuser, and if Young Living runs into supply or sourcing constraints one of the FLEX OILS will be Substituted. See Below. 10 Everyday Essential Oils

  • Panaway
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Thieves
  • DiGize
  • Frankincense
  • Copaiba
  • Purification
  • Peppermint
  • R.C
  • Stress Away * Bonus Oil (With a roller filament included)

1 Diffuser of choice- (cost may vary)

  • Dewdrop Diffuser- $160
  • Bamboo Diffuser- $170
  • Rainstone Diffuser - $205
  • Aria Diffuser- $260 (best value) and my favorite diffuser

Each 5 ml. bottle contains approx. 85-100 drops of oil, so this entire collection gets you over 1000 drops of your favorite essential oils! A typical application is 1-4 drops, so this kit will last you quite a while.


  • 10 oil sample packets (2 each of Lavender, Peppermint, Peace & Calming, Lemon, and Thieves)
  • 10 Sample Bottles
  • 2- 2 oz. NingXia Red samples
  • AromaGlide roller fitment (so you can create a roll-on bottle)
  • Welcome to Young Living booklet
  • Love It? Share It! Cards
  • Love It? Share It! Bottles
  • Essential Oils at a Glance User's Guide
  • Product Guide and Product Price List.
  • Your lifetime wholesale membership, with product discounts.

Young Living offers the premium starter kit at a lower cost in order to help you get the best value and tools to start your oil journey at the lowest cost. You are saving over half the cost of purchasing all of these items individually when you purchase a Premium Starter Kit

  • FLEX OILS- *One of these oils may replace an oil in the starter kit in cases of supply constraints.
  • Citrus Fresh, AromaEase, LemonGrass, Orange, Citrus Fresh


For more information about the Premium Starter Kits or Young Living please click here now.



Get EMPOWERED to Start Living your Best

 Life Today with Young Living Essential Oils. 




Small Daily Changes Can Make A Huge Positive Impact For The Rest Of Your Life! Start Today!

Are you ready to gain more energy naturally? Lose a little weight (without trying)? support your immune system and stay healthy? Are you ready to feel great? Are you ready to take back your life and start living a more empowered lifestyle?

 If you are tired of you and your family being sick and tired all the time... Take the Plunge into a natural Toxin Free Lifestyle and begin to feel the changes in your life and your health! 
I was on the right path toward a healthier lifestyle when I discovered Young Living Essential Oils. This opened up a whole new door for me that has improved my entire lifestyle.

Health, Abundance, Prosperity

When I joined Young Living I did a lot of research first.  I am not into signing up for memberships and auto-ships or anything that takes maintenance kind of stuff.

When I started to get into essential oils again, I noticed a friend of mine was having some really great experiences using Young Living. She explained to me about the Seed to Seal Quality and what sets Young Living apart from all of the others and I thought that was pretty cool. So I figured I would check them out and ordered 3 bottles at retail price from her before diving in full on. I am not easily sold.

 Then I  wanted more oils, but I didn't want to wait for her to place another order next month AND I wanted the wholesale pricing, so I went online and took the plunge, I joined with a starter kit. Even though it seemed pretty pricey, I felt good about the purchase. No buyers remorse and it was really exciting to get my kit it in the mail and start exploring my new oils and diffuser. Then I ordered a reference guide and just started trying the oils and learning how to use them on a regular basis. 

 I started noticing an increase in energy, my immune system was in tip top shape so I wasn't getting sick, I stopped taking all over the counter meds, I was sleeping great, and just feeling better over all.  So now I am hooked. I use my essential oils for absolutely everything. The month of April I am also including a $25 Amazon Gift Card for every new member that signs up with a Premium starter kit using my referral # 1821018. This way you can start purchasing informational materials, glass spray bottles or any other items for making your own DIY Toxin free products, or just something nice for yourself. (I really don't care what you spend it on) because it's your gift to use any way you please :)

Free from me with every New member that joins with a Premium Starter Kit under my sponsor number 1821018.

A FREE Amazon $25 Gift Card 


Free gifts are sent to you straight from me as a way of saying thank you and to help you start your oil journey out on a fun note!

 Signing up for a wholesale account does not mean you have to sell anything and there are no monthly minimums. Rest assured that I will not be calling and bugging you EVER. I am here to help when needed, but other than that, no worries. Just a $50 purchase a year keeps your wholesale account active. 

Most people join young Living because they love the oils and supplements and they simply want the wholesale pricing. By joining my "team" all this means is that I am here for you if you need any help or have questions.  There is a lot to learn about the oils so it is nice to have somebody here to show you the ropes if you need help. I recommend taking it slowly and learning at your own pace. I have a team training area that offers a lot of great information and videos to help get you started on your oily journey. 

I can add you to several of our secret Facebook groups where you can learn from others and ask questions too. This is a great learning resource. I have a team training area where you learn about the oils and about building a team of your own too if interested.

If you are interested in doing Young Living as a business I can teach you haw to get started and what to avoid.  You don't need to cold call, or bug all of your friends and family. As a matter of fact, you can build your team right online using social media. Which is the way I personally learned to run my Young Living business successfully.

Many people start out as a side job and build their teams until they are earning more with Young Living than they are at their 40-50 hour a week job. Then It is a really great feeling when you can quit your 40-50 hour a week job and work form home scheduling your own days. 

I almost forgot...Our team offers weekly team training calls for the oils and team building too. You can join in or listen after the fact to the recordings.

Please contact me if you have any questions at



 Quality Matters! 

The quality of your essential oils is most important. Why use oils that are cut with synthetic chemicals to cheapen the oils and the price. Yuck. I don't want that rubbed into my skin let alone ingesting them. We already learned that it is all going directly into our bloodstream and what happens from there.

The thing that sold me on Young Living is high quality. In my opinion the BEST QUALITY. Seriously, I am a frugal shopper.  I am not going to buy something more expensive unless there is good reason. Since Young Living owns their own farms and distilleries around the world they can put the care they need into making the best oils. Young Living plants only the best seeds, cultivates the plants at just the right peak moment, Distills in proper ways, Testing is performed within and outside of their facilities to determine quality. Anything less than the best is then discarded.

Then the bottles are sealed and ready for shipment.  All within their own company. No middle men to trust in between. 

I have tried other oils and been very disappointed. Other oils that claimed to be 100% pure and therapeutic. There was no way. Ok, so if this oil is 100% pure than why does it say do not take internally? And if I can't take it internally, why do I want to rub it into my skin? 

In fact, essential oils only need to be 5% to 23% of the actual pure essential oil and the rest can be adulterated, over processed, filled with synthetic chemicals in order to be able to sell them at a cheaper price to you. If that is what you are looking for than you can find those at any local grocery store or health food store. Look no further.


If you want 100% pure therapeutic grade unadulterated essential oils than the right choice is Young Living Essential oils.  They have been around for over 20 years. They have doubled in size over the last couple years, and have the largest selection of essential oils, essential oil blends, supplements, cleaners, diffusers, you name it.  I get all of these items at 24% off as a wholesale member. All you have to do to become a wholesale member is purchase a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living.  This automatically qualifies you to earn 24% off all products as a wholesale member. Nothing else is required. If you purchase $50 in products each subsequent year your wholesale account remains active forever. No annual fees to maintain your account. 

Ready to sign up?

Read below for instructions on signing up to be a wholesale member: 
1. Sign up page is here- JOIN NOW!
2. Select Wholesale Member -in order to get oils for 24% off and qualify for the premium Starter Kit. (If you choose retail you can still purchase the oils at full retail price without any membership or discounts.) 
3. Enter the Enroller ID and the Sponsor ID both with the number 1821018. It may already be filled in for you. 
4. Fill in your information and create a Username, Password, and Pin number. Write these down so you can remember them when calling or logging into your account.
You are asked to give your Social Security number for tax purposes only. according to the law you must be sent a 1099 if you make over $600.00. (They are assuming you may want to make money off of referrals in the future). (If you are not comfortable giving your Social Security number you can head over here and get an EIN to enter instead. It is quick and easy) You do not have to sell the Young Living Oils to be a wholesale member and enjoy them for personal use. But you can change your mind at any time in the future if you decide to profit from your referrals.
5. Next Select your Enrollment Kit. The best value is the Premium starter kit. Don't miss out on the bargain! It may sound like a lot to spend but you can use the 11 Everyday oils for pretty much everything! And I will send you LOTS of materials so you can start benefiting with our kit right away! You will also get wholesale pricing of the oils at 24% off for life as long as you spend just $50.00 each subsequent year.  you can also add any other oils you may need to purchase during this order too.
6. you can set up an Essential Rewards Membership where you can earn 10-20% of your orders as points toward free oils and also reduced shipping. You DO NOT have to order any of the Essential Rewards Kits to sign up under the Essential Rewards Program.  But if one of the kits looks good to you than by all means purchase it.  You can start earning Essential Rewards points right away. Even on your initial sign up and purchase.  
***or... just hit "No thank you" and continue to the next section****
Essential Rewards Membership is NOT required. You can choose this option later if you are unsure.
7. Select "Agree to Terms and Conditions"
8. VERY IMPORTANT!!  Make sure you CONFIRM you ORDER on the next page! Be careful not to miss this step! You will have to re-enter your payment information on the next Screen before the transaction is complete.
  If you have any additional questions please email me at:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Essential rewards Program?

A: Once you are a Young Living Wholesale member you have the option to join the Essential Rewards Program.  This is free to join and it allows you to earn free oils and products every month. You also earn up to 20% back on every essential rewards order to use towards free product purchases. You also get reduced shipping rates and other discounts and offers.

Q:  Are there any monthly minimums or annual fees for joinng as a wholesale member?

A: No annual fees or minimum monthly purchases required as a wholesale member. To maintain membership you must purchase just $50 in products each subsequent year. That's it! No wasting money on membership fees.

Q: What happens if I don't purchase any products next year?

A: Your account will go inactive if you don't make at least one $50 pv purchase each year.  If your account goes inactive they are allowing you to reactivate with a $50 purchase of products.