Ever wished you got in on a Ground Floor Opportunity before the compan - Karen Renee Knowles

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Ever wished you got in on a Ground Floor Opportunity before the company flourishes?

Best Business Opportunity I have ever seen!

   Have you ever wished you had the chance to join a company back when it was small and still growing? Long before it explodes into a billion dollar company...Think Apple, Samsung, Verizon, etc. 

If this has ever been your thoughts, than this could be your time to seize the opportunity right now.

2018 thru 2020- 700% growth. Growth Doubled in 2020 and now (before the 4th quarter of 2021) we are already at a mind blowing 1200% growth and are close to quadrupling this year if we haven't already! We are just reaching our momentum phase of fast growth and continually rocketing upwards! 

Recently named the 3rd fastest growing company in NWM and the #1 fastest growing company in our industry and that company literally said... if you are searching for the right company at the right time...this is it. 

  Our company is continuously researching where our industry is lacking and strives to keep improving and formulating excellent quality products like our new Medical Grade Liquid Collagen products and the ALL NEW Terpenes products getting released that nobody else is even making yet. Brand new technology that is huge for this health and wellness industry. This company is going to keep on growing month after month continuing that momentum by releasing completely new products never before seen to new and improved versions of things on the market that were lacking in absorption and/or quality. We are quickly becoming the new leaders in our industry.

   No other company can compete with the quality of our new Medical Grade Collagen or Hemp products. We are the only company that has patented and incorporates our BIOSYNQ technology (which means water encapsulated for immediate and full absorption into our bodies).

   We have a fabulous President and CEO that really care about the company, employees, and the customers. We also have the highest quality GMO Free, allergen free, highest absorbing vitamins (All products are vegan too- except for 2)), Full Spectrum Hemp Products, Terpenes, Medical Grade Liquid Collagen Peptides, and other nutraceuticals. But if that is still not enough... We also have the best paying Compensation Plan out there by far!!


  • We have a Doctor & Naturopath formulating our supplements that strives for the highest quality and with maximum absorption rates for our bodies.
  • Work 5-7 hours a week and supplement as a second income and eventually maybe even replace your existing income all together. Depends on your wants and needs. The sky is the limit right now!
  • Set monthly salary as you reach each rank (so you know exactly what you will be getting paid) We are paid both weekly and monthly
  • Huge Bonuses that grow at each rank
  • Partnership with corporate
  • Work from home (or anywhere)
  • Make your own hours
  • Financial freedom
  • Debt freedom
  • Time freedom
  • Debt elimination program 
  • No expensive bulk packages that you are forced to buy in order to join. Just choose products that you enjoy for personal use each month.
  • Absolutely no inventory to stock or ship ever (unless you want to)
  • You get paid a regular known salary every month depending once you earn that rank. We get paid both weekly and monthly depending on our rank and commissions.
  • It's only $40 a year to join as an Ambassador and you get your own website for referrals and earn commissions on sales and/ or build a sales team too and earn in 4 different ways. Where else can you start your business for only $0 start up costs?  If it turns out not to be for you then you can quit anytime. (So you literally have nothing to lose)
  • You get access to a free financial expert to help you pay off debts, save for retirement, or whatever your needs. (This usually costs thousands of dollars and we get one for free to talk to any time we want and we get access to one immediately after joining.)
  • Just a few months ago we were only in 19 Countries, now we are in 24 Countries and constantly adding (expected to be in 50 Countries in the coming years).
  • We have over 100,00 Ambassadors around the world and expected to increase to over a million Ambassadors within the next 5 years or so. 
  • We are part of the number one sales team in our entire company--> Around the world and growing fast. 
  • Once this market does get saturated in a few years (This is good for us), you could be sitting in a million dollar seat if you join now. Right now we are only at 1% saturation in our company and in another 5+ years projected before saturation begins (where it becomes more difficult to earn quickly because everybody else is selling it too). This is our time to build nice deep roots now so we can rest at the top for years to come while our sales team continues to grow beneath us because of the deep roots we are planting now. 
  • Our teams are paid on Infinite levels deep (this is HUGE) Deep instead of wide equals way more money in our paychecks. Wide makes more money for the company. Deep we stack under each other and all help each other grow. (You don't see this often because it means the company makes less money and we make more $$). Everybody on your team means everybody you add, and they add and they add all the way down infinite levels over infinite years.
  • Basically, Timing is everything. If you failed at your last job, it probably wasn't your fault. Once an industry becomes saturated it becomes difficult to earn a decent wage with them.  Here we have only 1% saturation right now.  Our company has grown up to over 100,000 Sales Ambassadors within the last 2 years and is expected to grow to over 1,000,000 Ambassadors within the next 5-7 years. we are projected to be a billion dollar company and a leader in the Health and Wellness industry. 
  • We are currently hitting the growth and momentum phase that is going to carry us all into financial freedom that I never dreamed possible before.

   I mean, I could go on and on, but I think you are getting the picture...

   So many of us that didn't succeed in their old businesses are succeeding here and now! Not because they are doing anything different. It's because of the timing of this opportunity, The high standards of the company,  and the growth and momentum beginning right now.  We have the perfect storm of Ground Floor- Incredible growth- impressive high quality high absorption products (better than all the rest)- New cutting edge products with high absorption technology that aren't seen on the market yet- and the best compensation plan out there right now. It's a Win-Win-Win-Win-Win all the way around.

   You are still here, so that must mean you are still interested in either learning more about or ready to join this amazing business opportunity.  A friend on my team has been making over $100,000 a month for the last 4 months and she just started in this company November 2020. Just under a year ago.  She has amazing results but most members are ranking up pretty quickly because we have an amazing sales team with great support. We actually have the number one fastest growing sales team around the world and that is because we help teach each new member how to replicate our results. For a limited time the top earners in our company and other members are willing to show us how it is done and explain how they got to the top ranks they are at now.

   Can you wrap your head around how huge this is? This is a limited time offer of FREE help and support from the highest ranking members on our team to show us how to replicate their success.  This opportunity is so fresh that nobody has hit the top 2 ranks in our company yet and the top earners on our team have only been here about a year or less!  The top earners on our team are making $100,000 a month, or $80,000 a month, or $25,000 a month, $15,000 a month, $8000 a month, I will be happy when I hit any of those levels (yes, theses are per month figures). We all start somewhere but people who really out in the effort are growing into the thousands within weeks and months instead of years of hard work to make small gains in other companies. 

   It is what you make of it and this is our best chance to make it HUGE by joining the right company at the right time! Join us today! Reach out to me and I can get you on a Zoom call with some of our top earners and they teach us how to duplicate their success and explain the compensation plan.  The opportunity for ONE on ONE coaching and mentoring from the top leaders of our sales teams is not going to last long and does NOT happen in other companies. This is a huge advantage to start your business.

  Please fill out my contact form below to set up a Zoom meeting with my team and I, or for more information about the business or products, or even just to ask for the link and sign up instructions (because you are ready to begin right now and don't want to waste another second!)