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Experience Q reFORM and Q reBUILD Medical Grade Liquid Collagen Peptides

Naturally derived structural collagen that supports healthy connective tissue from head to toe.⁣ ⁣

Our hydrolyzed collagen peptides are medical grade and designed for maximum results.⁣

But first, the harsh reality is that there are no magic cures guaranteed to make us feel youthful again. As we mature- most of us get more inflammation which causes those aches and pains in our bones and muscles. It’s also normal for our skin to lose its elasticity, creating sagging skin and increasing wrinkles. Not to mention those fat stores that just don't want to let go.

Mother Nature and Father Time are a force to be reckoned with…

But, no worries. We aren’t entirely defenseless against them. We now have some weapons to help defend us from those merciless effects on our bodies. You see collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It makes up the framework for bones, skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and all connective tissues. It is literally what holds all of our organs in place in our bodies too. The thing is…Our production of collagen slows by about 1% a year after our mid twenties. This is why we start to see the changes that we do as we age. As the production slows we start to feel more aches & pains, we notice that we have less energy, struggling to make through our long busy days, and we start to notice our skin begin to sag more and more each year.

As you are looking in that mirror and start to notice those signs appearing, just remember that you can now ReBUILD and ReFORM your bodies framework, gain more energy, and lose those aches and pains. .

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What Makes Our Collagen Different?

Highest Quality Ingredients

High Quality Ingredients- Medical Grade Collagen Peptides are used- Same as used in hospitals and ICU environments. You wouldn’t trust just anyone to when it comes to your hair, nails, and skin. That’s why we spared no expense when it comes to quality. 


Molecule size plays a big role in our bodies ability to absorb and utilize the proteins. We have researched and learned how to change the liquid molecules to the exact size needed to best be absorbed and utilized by our bodies. No powder form can offer that important benefit.


Our collagen is in Liquid Hydrolyzed Form- making it easier for our bodies to absorb. Most of our collagen is absorbed instantly because it is hydrolyzed - and our bodies are designed to immediately absorb water soluble nutraceuticals. (powder forms of collagen are okay, just more difficult to absorb so a high percentage of it gets left unabsorbed and flushed). First, the the powder forms must go through more processing to get into granular form, then they must be mixed back into liquid spreading the molecules further apart making them much less absorbable by our bodies. Q Sciences Medical Grade Liquid collagen is much more effective than anything out there right now.


- Q ReFORM- Biotin for healthy hair support, Resveratrol for healthy cell regeneration, and Sodium Hyaluronate for supporting healthy & supple skin.
- Q ReBUILD- Packed full of BCAAs for athletic performance, Glucosamine and Chondroitin for joint and mobility support, and whey protein to support muscle growth and visibly improve muscle tone.


Pure Collagen Sources: We use peptides from a variety of pure sources. Sourced from bovine and chicken sternum free from all hormones, cholesterol, and yes, even horse hooves. That means cruelty free collagen  


We use at least 4 different types of collagen in our supplements (and 5 different types between the 2 different collagen products that we offer). Types of collagen used I, II, III, V, X (most other brands use only 1 type of collagen in their products).

Several types of collagen are used synergistically to help multiple areas of anti aging in our bodies-
We have 4 different types of collagen used in each bottle. We have included Type I for connective tissue support; Type II for elasticity and mobility; Type III for muscle growth and circulation; Type V for healthy eyes, hair, and nails; and Type X for a fully supported collagen matrix foundation.

There are many different types of collagen, but we focus mostly on the ones that are the most beneficial for our bodies. Which is why you will find slightly different types of collagen in each of our formulas. ReFROM is more for Beauty, skin, nails, hair, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots. And our ReBUILD formulation is more for Performance- which is mostly the internal rebuilding like weight loss, muscle gain, gut health, joint pain, Increased mobility and agility.

The great thing is that both products have some overlapping collagen types that help with both our inner and outer beauty. You can use them together for maximum results or just choose one depending on your needs.

Medical Grade Liquid Collagen Peptides


MEDICAL GRADE FULL MATRIX COLLAGEN (The same Collagen Peptides used in Feeding tubes in medical centers)

Sweet Vanilla 
 The ONLY Full Matrix Collagen sold on the market!

 Reach your fitness potential with collagen peptides designed for agility, mobility, and athletic performance.
 - Promotes healthy lean muscle growth and fat reduction

- Supports joint and tissue health -Enhances mobility, agility, and recovery 

- Collagen matrix provides head-to-toe support-
including eyes, nails, hair, and gums

 - Types I, II, III, and X Collagen Peptides

 - Vitamins and minerals for supporting collagen production, uptake, and absorption

 - Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) for athletic performance and endurance

- Glucosamine and Chondroitin for joint and mobility support

 - Whey Protein to visually improve muscle tone

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Delicious Peach Mango Flavor  - Just one Tablespoon a day to keep the Botox away!

 The ONLY Full Matrix Collagen sold on the market!

Turn back time with collagen peptides designed for head-to-toe antiaging support.

This naturally derived collagen blend promotes youthful-looking skin and thick, healthy hair so you can look and feel your best.

-Supports whole-body anti-aging effect

-Visibly decrease appearance of lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and effects of sun damage

- Promotes firm and supple skin

- Collagen matrix provides head-to-toe support including eyes, nails, hair, and gums

- Types I, II, V, and X Collagen Peptides

- Vitamins and minerals for supporting collagen production, uptake, and absorption

- Sodium Hyaluronate, a more stable and easy-to-absorb version of Hyaluronic Acid, to promote healthy supple skin

- Biotin for healthy hair support

- Resveratrol for healthy cell regeneration support

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        Start changing your life today with our high quality, fully absorbable, GMO and allergen free products that are changing the quality of peoples everyday lives! Our product developer is a Naturopathic- Board Certified- MD that also happens to be the previous Dr. on WebMD. Dr. Kimberly goes out of his way to research what is out on the market and tries to figure out how he can improve on what's out there so it has the best absorption and assimilation possible for use by our bodies.

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