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Do You Have Trouble Falling Asleep And Staying Asleep Throughout The Night?


-Do you wake up feeling tired and lethargic?


-Do you wake up with brain fog?


-Do you wake up and feel irritable and short on patience?


-Are you gaining fat or weight that won't go away no matter what you try?


-Do you lay awake all night stressing and worrying instead of sleeping?


- Is your Sleeplessness, Restlessness, or Anxiety Increasing?




-Do You want All Of That To Change For You?

Break The No -Sleep- Cycle Tonight!

Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to roll in the morning with this GMO Free & Vegan,

100% Natural Insomnia Treatment!



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If you answered Yes to one or more of the previous questions then you could definitley benefit from what I am about to show you. 

It is important that we try and get into that deep restful slumber that enables our bodies to heal itself. That deep healing type of sleep is difficult to achieve when we are laying there stressed and awake all night.




Don't Waste Another Sleepless Night And Wake Up On The Right Side Of The Bed Tomorrow!

-It's time to break the cycle and start getting to sleep at night.

-Fall asleep much easier

-Sleep more soundly

-Sleep longer throughout the night

-Sleep deeper and sounder

-Get to the deeper states of sleep where your body can heal and repair while you sleep.

-Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to roll!


Sometimes we need help getting to that deep sleep state that rejuvenates our bodies and we can wake up feeling refreshed, vibrant, and excited to jump out of bed and get started with our day...(okay, that might be a bit much enthusiasm for that early in the morning, but I think you are catching my drift here).

I Found Something All Natural That Works Like Magic To Restore Your Sleepless Nights

This sleep aid helps with all of the main triggers incuding Stress and hormone fluctuations, which are two major triggers for insomnia.


Along with this supplement I find it helpful to use other techniques to help me relax and sleep before bed. There are many stretches that we can do to help our bodies relax before bedtime,  Breathing techniques and meditaion can also help clear your mind and make a big difference getting to those deep sleep  states. ANother thing I like to use are binaural beats and other healing frequency music.


Focusing on your breath can help you fall asleep and help keep your mind from wandering and thining about stressful things that keep you awake instead of sleeping.  I have some great breathing techniques that I have learned over the years and will compile and share with you soon, but if you are looking for something that is all natural and helps you not only sleep at night but also helps your body heal with the amazing ingredients in the supplpements.

Sleep Soundly- Don't Wake Up Groggy or out of it.

These sleep supplements can help you get sleepy quicker and fall asleep within 30 minutes typically. Just one dropperful under your tongue each night does the trick. It's hard to explain but I can feel my body shift into a more relaxing vibration within minutes.


I don't take all three at once, but I usually combine the Q REST+ or the SLUMBER with the Sleep spray each night. The Q REST+ is my all time favorite but I have many people tell me that they can't live without the Slumer Terpenes Elixir. It's all a matter of preference and they are all designed to do the same thing.  The Q REST+ has full spectrum hemp, and the Slumber Terpenes elixir does not.


You do not have to worry about waking up feeling groggy, dizzy or out of it.  I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. Even if  I go to bed late and wake up early.


Orange Creme

Q SLUMBER ELIXIR is a blend of specialized terpenes and added ingredients designed to support serenity and restful sleep. Featuring Magnolia Bark Extract, Passionflower, and Chamomile, this Terpene Elixir helps you get quality sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed.*




  • Designed to promote rest and relaxation*
  • Assists in a more restful sleep*
  • Supports the natural overnight rejuvenation process*
  • Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties*

Visit the qsciences.com/products/limited-time-offers/ for supplement facts, ingredients, and suggested use!

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Wholesale- $75.00

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Q REST + Full Spectrum hemp

Q REST + is full spectrum, water soluble hemp oil powered by BIOSYNQ™. Combined with calming herbs valerian root and skullcap, this exclusive blend provides enhanced relaxation and stress relief for better rest.*




  • Designed to promote rest and relaxation*
  • Assists in a more restful sleep*
  • Supports the natural overnight rejuvenation and repair process*

retail- $105.00

 Wholesale- $95


Preferred Customers get 25% off all year

for only $10 once a year.

Q Sciences Sleep Spray

Assists in achieving a more restful sleep so you can wake up refreshed. Q SLEEP contains incredible ingredients, including melatonin, 5-HTP, and L-theanine, as well as a proprietary herbal extract, which synergistically promotes restful sleep and helps your mind and body rejuvenate.*




  • Helps your body and mind rejuvenate throughout the night*
  • Supports a healthy brain and nervous system*
  • Promotes healthy metabolic function*
  • Formulated with the highest quality ingredients*
  • Delivers maximum absorption and effectiveness*


  • Retail $25
  • Wholesale $19.50


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