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4 Reasons Keyword-Rich Articles Are Still Important to Successful Niche Marketing

4 Reasons Keyword-Rich Articles Are Still Important to Successful Niche Marketing

October 14, 2022

4 Reasons Why Keyword-Rich Articles Are Still Key to Successful Niche Marketing

Content is still King. Most people go online looking for information about their favorite topics, or about whatever is on their mind. Frequent browsers have an insatiable appetite for information on just about everything!


So, if you want to drive targeted traffic and pre-qualified potential buyers to your website, you really must publish searchable AND engaging content online in the form of quick-to-read but interesting keyword-rich blog articles.


Here are four reasons why you must do that.


#1 Reason - You'll Get Premium Exposure for Your Website

 It's much easier to achieve high search engine ranking for article pages than for your homepage or sales pages. Search engines are always seeking out fresh content on practically every topic under the sun.


So, write your articles surrounding less competitive keywords (research those using Google Ads Keyword Planner) or edit those keywords into already existing articles of your own. You will have a much better chance of getting your article indexed by major search engines.


HOT TIP: If you’re using WordPress, use the RankMath SEO plugin to automatically submit your blog page URL to the search engines.


#2 Reason  - You'll Get Automatic Back Links from Authority Sites

 Each time your article and site link are republished online, it provides a back link to your website. Back links are regarded by search engines as a sort of recommendation for your website. If your site has several quality back links, it can quickly improve the search engine ranking.


Submit your articles to online article directories. In most cases it's free. Many directory sites are regarded by major search engines as authority sites and are scanned frequently for new content. This means the website link you include in your article will also be indexed from the site where it is found.


Offer your articles as guest blog posts as well. When other website owners publish them on their own sites, it will create even more backlinks for your website.


#3 Reason  - To Improve On Your Conversion Rate

 By conversion rate, we mean the percentage of website visitors that convert to paying customers and sales.


You can boost your credibility and convert more website visitors into paying customers by providing them with interesting and informative topic articles and then you introduce them to related products you have for sale.


On the other hand, simply displaying products on your website, with no related information or content, will likely result in a low conversion rate. It's important that you use articles to first prove your credibility and your knowledge in your field.


HOT TIP: Be sure to also include case studies, testimonials, and other social proof to boost your article’s credibility.


#4 Reason  - Your Cost is Pretty Much Zero


All you need is your thoughts and your computer. If you can write a letter to a friend that explains the details of some topic, then you can write topical articles to publish on your own site and submit to other sites.


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