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How To Use Story-Selling as a Powerful Tool To Increase Your Sales and Exposure

How To Use Story-Selling as a Powerful Tool To Increase Your Sales and Exposure

November 30, 2022

Increase your sales and exposure through story-selling



There has been a significant change in how businesses attract customers' attention. In recent years, consumers and decision-makers have become less reliant on old-fashioned sales promises and banner ads. TV ads and shiny billboards are no longer enough to draw customers' attention in the era of increased competition.


In today's market, consumers are more interested in your brand's 'narrative' than your USP or even your sales pitch. It is the voice of your brand, the background of your company, and the essence of who you are. It is for this reason that modern marketers consider storytelling as a marketing tool to help prospects and customers understand your brand. What are the advantages, however? Discover why storytelling is effective for marketing.


Storytelling is a great marketing tool for a variety of reasons


Storytelling has long been used in marketing. Several brands have benefited from this approach, such as BrewDog, Marks & Spencer, and even Coca Cola. It has been found that around 92% of people would benefit from consuming digital words in a story format, since the average individual consumes over 100,000 digital words daily. What are the benefits of storytelling as a marketing tool for brands?


1. Motivation of customers


You probably remember an advertisement from the past. No matter what the advertisement was, there was probably a story behind it that lingered in your mind. Marketing through storytelling is a great way to capture a customer's attention before presenting a call to action. It is therefore difficult to turn down the brand's call to action since it builds an emotional connection with prospects and customers.


2. Creates memorable brands


Although a catchy headline, professional photos, or even a compelling video can help customers remember your brand, nothing can beat a great and captivating story. Nevertheless, the story must appeal to the tastes, preferences, or needs of the audience. Can you recall a headline from a kindergarten book? Fables and rhymes taught during preschool are likely still fresh in your mind. This is how storytelling enhances memorability.


3. Brain Chemistry, Attitude, and Opinion


You cannot change your prospects' opinions and attitudes about your brand with a list of statistics or facts. In particular, this is true where the brand is subject to biases or strong objections. Berkeley research has shown that stories can change a person's behavior, opinion, attitude, and brain chemistry. PRs, opinion pieces, and sales pages can incorporate stories to persuade your audience.


4. Establish trust and relationships


According to Nielsen's Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages Survey, 92% of consumers build brand trust through earned media (media mentions, referrals, word of mouth, etc.). What does this mean? To build trust and strengthen relationships with your audience, you can share testimonials, media mentions, anecdotes, or even stories.


5. Neuro-associations can be created by creating associations in the brain


The power of storytelling is that it adds a tangible element to your brand and makes it more memorable to your target audience. There is no doubt that good stories leave a lasting impression on our minds. Coke, for example, has an association with Christmas because a brightly lit branded truck is used by Santa to deliver gifts in its Christmas advertisement. Because of this, many people in the UK know it is Christmas when they see the truck on their televisions. Your brand can be transformed significantly by using stories to create such associations.


Storytelling is indeed a powerful tool, but if you are using it in the right way, knowing your audience, and understanding your channels, you will be successful.



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