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Inspiring and Motivating Insights for Entrepreneurs

Inspiring and Motivating Insights for Entrepreneurs

July 05, 2022

Entrepreneurial insights that inspire and motivate



In the day-to-day grind and responsibility of managing your own business, you know full well how much pressure you have to bear.

At times like these, most of us can benefit from a little inspiration that can lift us up and refocus us.

Following are five self-motivating tips you can ponder when you need them and as long as you need them.

The fear of failure

Mark Cuban stated in an article he wrote for Bloomberg that he motivates himself with the fear of failure.

In his words, "No matter what business you're in, you're always at risk, especially in technology, where things change so rapidly that you have to work hard to keep up," writes the Shark Tank panel member. The possibility that someone may come out of nowhere and crush you motivates the hell out of me."

Whether it's a company I started or one I invested in, all of my companies are scoreboards. Is everything going well for you? Many investors or advisers treat it as a numbers game."

“If they invest in 20 companies, as long as one success covers 19 losses, they did OK. I look at every loss as a huge failure. I had an investment go bad recently. I lost $1.5 million on it. It pisses me off to no end."

He also says: "You can also use it as motivation. What did I do wrong? Who did I trust that I shouldn’t trust? What can I learn from this situation so I can avoid it next time?”

Take a moment to ask yourself these (below) very self-reflective Mark Cuban questions (if you have had a business failure in the past or are facing a similar situation now).


Have fun on your journey

Every entrepreneur has a dream worth pursuing.

Regardless of your goals, dreams, or desires, every step you take will either lead you closer to them or further away from them.

You can achieve your goals by breaking them down into manageable, small steps.

You are one step closer to realizing your dream with every step and accomplishment that you take along the way.

Turning your dreams into small steps will make the journey more enjoyable, and you will be motivated to see them through.


Change the current state of affairs

Continually doing the same thing can become monotonous and boring. Entrepreneurs can also experience this.

Consider developing a different, or even better way to improve your business policies, processes, and company culture if you're a business owner who enjoys new challenges.

Examine your operations and if you can improve them, make the necessary changes. As a courtesy, call some of your clients and ask them if there is anything you can do for them.

Your customers will thank you for reaching out to them in this way. Therefore, do not hesitate to break from tradition. 

Explore the Success Stories of Other Entrepreneurs

If you're an entrepreneur, you know how exciting it can be to discover how other thriving entrepreneurs succeeded. Among the benefits of doing this are:

  1. Learn from their mistakes
  2. Learn about business strategy and planning for a budding company
  3. Discover innovative ways to promote products and services
  4. Find out how they were able to stay true to their business


Bring your business to the table

Owning your own business should be a big motivator for you as an entrepreneur. Make it a point to tell others about your business. Facebook and other social media platforms can also be used to promote your business.

Through forums or communities, you can also network with other entrepreneurs.

Share an inspirational story with them if you have one. As a result, you will indirectly make a name for your brand.



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