Bulletproof Recruiting Blueprint - Karen Renee Knowles

Bulletproof Recruiting Blueprint

This Blueprint helps Networkers learn how to use sales funnels and digital marketing to generate more leads without actively prospecting friends & family, or spending hours every day joining social media groups and trying to drum up conversations with people that aren't interested.

In this Bulletproof Recruiting Blueprint, 

You will learn our secrets to:

  1. creating a thriving business with upfront and residual cash (you can start earning right away and you are building your networking business for residual cash at the same time.
  2. How I use leveraged and automated sales funnels to bring consistent new high quality leads to my business and applying to work with us. (high-quality applicants find you and apply to work with you- over and over using automated systems) (They are coming to you asking to work with you) so you won’t be pitching people that aren’t interested. They WANT to learn more and are ready to work with you by the time you speak to them.
  3. How you can get those continuous leads without it costing you money out of pocket (except maybe initially)
  4. Ultimate Team Duplication and Retention Strategies

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