Argentium Silver (tarnish resistant) Swirly Dangle Earrings - Karen Renee Knowles

Argentium Silver (tarnish resistant) Swirly Dangle Earrings

Unique Swirly Dangle Earrings Hand Sculpted from Argentium Silver (tarnish resistant sterling silver) Wire

Earrings are made from Argentium Silver (which is more tarnish resistant than regular sterling silver but has the same silver content, if not more)

These earrings are 2 2/8 inches long from the ear hook to the bottom. The Ear hooks are also custom made by me for each earring in Argentium Silver Wire.

I created a hammered texture for light play

I add small rubber backings to the earrings to help avoid loss. These earrings get so many compliments

These are custom made by order so each set may be slightly different as my techniques change, but still made the same as pictured.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

The earrings will be sent with small rubber backings on them and in a gift box so that they can either be gifted or worn right away.
Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Materials: Silver

Collections: Designer Threader Earrings