About Wire Wrapping - Karen Renee Knowles

About Wire Wrapping


Gold-filled Jewelry will last for Generations

Wire Sculpting dates back as far as the 1400BC's. The Egyptians and Phoenicians made wire art over 5000 years ago. 14Kt Gold-filled jewelry was worn extensively in the Victorian Era. Many of these Heirloom pieces are still handed down through generations and are considered highly collectible.  Most pieces made from Gold-filled wire will last for generations, if treated and cared for like fine gold.  It is nearly impossible to distinguish 14kt gold-filled wire from 14kt gold wire.  Gold-filled jewelry is NOT costume jewelry, but rather fine jewelry that can be beautifully worn for a lifetime.   

Jewelry Artist:

Karen Renee Knowles 

One of a kind- Original Jewelry

My wire-sculpted jewel art is created using only my hands and several different types of pliers. It is the only known metal jewelry craft that is created completely without soldering or casting. Creating Wire Jewelry is more of a challenge, as it is held together only by the wires. The wires are cut, twisted, and bent, using only the skill of your hands and basic tools of pliers, wire cutters and ruler. Wire wrapping has been done for centuries. Jewelry crafted from wire is said have first appeared in ancient Egypt. The modern techniques that I use in my wire-sculpting is an art form all of it's own. Because of the very nature of Wire- Sculpting, You will never see two pieces that are exactly alike! Take pride in knowing when you purchase one of these designs, you will own a one of a kind piece of Art You can wear to show off your own unique sense of style and individuality!

About the artist

My love of gemstones is what brought me into this unique hobby of wire-sculpting. I put great care and pride into each and every piece that I create.  I am a registered dental hygienist practicing in MI. since 1998 (please don't hold that against me). Aside from wire wrapping and dental hygiene I am also a Reiki Master, I would be more than happy to charge your pendant with Reiki if you ask. Though I personally believe that gemstones may carry different healing vibrations, the metaphysical qualities of the stones that I describe are for informational purposes only, and are not meant to treat any physical conditions.


Jewelry created from gold filled wire is considered lifetime jewelry.  This is jeweler quality wire.

How Gold-Filled Wire is Made

 14k gold filled is also known as rolled gold or 14/20 gold. This is not to be confused with gold plate. Gold filled wire is very durable and contains 100 times more gold than gold plate. It is manufactured by a process that binds a layer of gold to a semi-precious metal, creating a finish of gold that does not scratch off or tarnish like gold plate. 14kt gold-filled wire is made by forming a tube of solid 14kt gold that is filled with a base metal. The gold is bonded to the base metal with heat and pressure. The base metal is also gold in color and is made up of almost the same mixture of metals (usually a brass alloy) used to bring 24kt gold down to 14kt, 10kt, etc. The exterior of the product is solid 14kt gold and everything you can see or touch is a solid layer of 14kt gold.  This is why it will never tarnish, chip or wear off.   This is a very sophisticated process and only a few mills in the world do it. There is also a US law requiring that any gold filled wire must be at least 1/20 pure gold by weight. My wire meets that standard. 

All of my jewelry is made from 14kt gold-filled or Sterling Silver/Anti-tarnish Sterling Silver 

the wire

WIRE THICKNESS is measured in gauges.  The thickness of the wire increases as the gauge number decreases. (ex. 18 gauge wire is thicker than 20 gauge wire, 20gauge wire is thicker than 22 gauge wire, etc.).  the wire also comes in square, round, half-round shape. Although they are the same measurement in (mm), Square seems to be the thickest and sturdiest of the 3 shapes followed closely by round, then half round.  Half round is only half the thickness so it  is the least sturdy upon comparing equal gauges.

22ga = .64mm    20ga = .81mm     18ga =1.02mm    16ga = 1.29mm   14ga = 1.63mm