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Essential Oil Resources

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There is a ton of information to learn about Essential Oils and how to safely and effectively use them.  Here are many of the resources that I found helpful along my oily journey.  You can search how others have been successful with their oils for specific uses.  A fantastic search tool that brings up Young Living Specific information. This is great when looking up information on product, uses and testimonials. is a very inexpensive website that offers free graphics to share and an internal Blog included too.  I have tried 5 different YL websites and this one is my favorite so far. Check it out.

Life Science Publishing - Many great Essential Oil resources has YL Tablecloths, reference cards, oil bags, etc...  


Below are several reference books I found useful at







 Essential Oil Containers and Bottles

2 oz Glass Spray Bottles   


16 Oz Glass Spray bottle


Glass roller Bottles



 Glass Pump Bottles


Lip Balm Tubes



Small Amber Glass Vials 1/4 dram 


Carrier Oils and other Ingredients



 Organic Beeswax 16 oz.


Grapeseed Oil


 Organic Jojoba Oil



 Rosehip Oil



 Castille Soap


 Coconut Oil


Viva Labs The Finest Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 Ounce


Oil Stands and Cases 







Oil Cases

 Travel Case holds 10+ 15 ml bottles



40 Oil Case



 Mini Travel Bag


 Chalk Labels and Chalk Marker for decorating Jars