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Getting Started Using Essential Oils

   Why choose Young Living Essential oils?

Young Living is the ONLY essential oil supplier that offers the Seed to Seal Guarantee of high quality. Young Living owns their own farms around the world and does it all from planting only the best seeds, to cultivating at just the right time, and to distilling in the proper ways to ensure high quality oils. Click here to learn about Young Living Quality


Why do I have to become a Young Living member?

Great question.  I was a little put off by having to sign up for a membership at first too. So I tried other brands to avoid it. I bought oils from the health food store that claimed to be 100% Pure oils. Well, needless to say I was very disappointed by the quality and upset I spent so much money trying other oils instead of just signing up for a membership with YL. Joining Young Living was the smartest thing I have done for my families health... And I love knowing with full confidence that they are the safest and purest oils out there. 

Becoming a wholesale member with Young Living is like opening a Costco or Sams Club Membership and earning 24% off for life.  Rest assured that you are not required to sell any oils or spend a ton of money maintaining your membership. The only thing you need to do to maintain your membership is spend just $50/ year on products (not membership fees). No hidden catches. If you don't purchase $50 in a year, your account will go inactive. In order to reactivate all you need to do is spend $50 in product and you will be reactivated for that year. Simple as that.

The best way to get started with Essential Oils is through the Premium Starter Kit purchase.  Premium Starter Kit comes with 11 of the most commonly used every day oils, an Ultrasonic Diffuser of choice, an Essential Oil Magazine with Recipes and usage ideas so you can get started right away!. Plus a whole bunch of other samples and a share kit. There are also other Starter Kits to choose from. The Premium Starter is my favorite and about half the cost when you join as a new wholesale member. The premium Starter Kits start at $160 and increases if you choose a more expensive diffuser. I love the Home Diffuser and the Aria Diffuser best. This sounds like a lot of money, but for everything you get- and all of the Toxin filled Products you will be able to replace in your home. Premium Starter Kit

If joining wholesale is not for you right now, there is always the option to join as a retail member and purchase your oils at regular retail rates with your own account. Some people start this way but end up as wholesale members to get the maximum discounts and option to earn free oils every month through the FREE Essential Rewards Program. Order retail from Young Living

By joining my Young Living Team that means I will help you learn how to use your oils- We have LIVE online PRIVATE  FB groups that you can join to learn and ask questions and a "Team Training Area" too with a ton of information about using your oils and how to Start Young Living as a business & enjoy the generous compensation plan and all of the Bonuses

We will train you HOW to use your new Oils and HOW to run an effective business from your home if interested. We really don't recommend that you hound all of your friends and do a bunch of cold calling or door to door selling to run your Young Living Business. You don't even have to do Home Parties, weekly Meetings, or Vendor Shows- Unless you really want to.  I can show you how to get started Effectively selling online from the comfort of your home. Join our team today! 

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