Argentium .925 (anti tarnish) Sterling Silver Wire Diffuser Bead Penda - Karen Renee Knowles

Argentium .925 (anti tarnish) Sterling Silver Wire Diffuser Bead Pendant

Diffuser Bead Pendant wire wrapped in Sterling Silver Argentium .925 anti tarnish wire.

Eliminate harmful chemicals from perfumes/ colognes that get absorbed through your blood stream and cause damage to your health. Young Living Essential Oils are completely natural and even healthy for your system. Make the healthy choice in style with these one of a kind- hand created diffuser pendants.

Includes 2 pearls and 2 lava beads for applying essential oils

This pendant measures 1 5/8 x 1 6/8 inches and has a hammered texture.
This pendant can be worn either way. One side will reflect more light than the other.

Apply a drop or two of your favorite essential oils onto the black lava beads to wear your favorite natural scents all day.
Citrus-y oils may have to be refreshed every several hours, use stronger oils like peppermint and cinnamon for longer lasting scents.

Pendants are shipped in a gift box with a black leather cord so you can wear your pendant right away or gift it.

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Handmade item

Materials: Pearl, Silver

Only 1 available

Length: 6

Height: 2