Leadership Mentality Lead Magnet Planner - Karen Renee Knowles

Leadership Mentality Lead Magnet Planner

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Get a pre-made lead magnet planner and sell it as your own or use it as a free lead magnet to draw in your perfect clients and prime them to work with you. Fully customizable with your own branding and colors using a free version of Canva.

If you don't already have a canva account, you can set up your free account here CANVA



You cannot resell or give away the template itself.  But you do have the rights to change up the colors, fonts, and everything else to fit your brand and sell it as your own.  If anybody in your downline wants to buy this they can get it at my store themselves and be protected from copyright laws. The templates are not sell-able, are to be used for your own personal use only. You do have permission to change the pages, save them as a PDF with your own logo and sell them or use them as part of your course, or as a lead magnet in completed format.