Young Living Essential Oils make a great addition to my daily water an - Karen Renee Knowles
Young Living Essential Oils make a great addition to my daily water and food

Young Living Essential Oils make a great addition to my daily water and food

January 28, 2016

New Young Living Vitality Line to liven up your water and food

Young Living has just come out with a NEW line of oils especially marked for consuming. They are the VITALITY LINE! To learn more about this new line of Young Living Oils click here
Essential Oils add a nice flavoring to my everyday drinking water. I can switch it up as needed too.
Some of my families favorites-
  • My favorite is 1 drop Citrus Fresh and 1 drop Frankincense oil.
  • I love Lime and Lemon Together too- or Jade Lemon.
  • My hubby mainly likes just Lemon or Citrus Fresh (he is still learning and a little hesitant to try new oily things sometimes, but has come a long way!).
  • After a big meal I like Peppermint, Spearmint, or Digize to aid healthy digestion.
  • I really tend to like the Citrus oils in my water because I have noticed an increase of energy when consuming them in my water over several days or weeks.
  • I also like a drop of Thieves to help keep my immune system functioning in top shape.
 **When drinking oils- Only drink oils from Glass or stainless steel. Essential Oils can break down your plastic cups and leach toxins into your water.
Young Living essential oils are the only ones that I personally trust to ingest. They have dietary labels and are 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils. Learn more about The Seed to Seal Guarantee here. 
Most oils on the market are not considered safe to consume so be sure you know your oils are safe to consume by the GRAS before adding them to your food or water. 
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