Detox your skin and eliminate cellulite with daily DRY BRUSHING - Karen Renee Knowles
Detox your skin and eliminate cellulite with daily DRY BRUSHING

Detox your skin and eliminate cellulite with daily DRY BRUSHING

February 01, 2016

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Improve your skin circulation, eliminate toxins, and reduce cellulite in 5 minutes a day with this simple technique.


  Many toxins get stored in your body’s fat cells and they become difficult to remove the longer they are stored. By dry brushing, you are helping to get things moving and circulating so the toxins and cellulite can be broken down and excreted. Dry brushing stimulates your lymphatic system which helps remove those excess toxins from your body. Therefor, helping your body eliminate waste and toxins efficiently.

Getting Started

To get started dry brushing you should buy a Natural (non synthetic) bristle brush with a handle so you can easily reach your entire body. Be very gentle around sensitive areas like the breasts and Avoid extra sensitive areas like the genitals all together. You can find one like mine in the picture above HERE. Or just do a general google search under dry brushes to see more options.

Dry brushing should be performed daily for best results. Twice a day is even better. It is easiest if you try to fit it into your normal routine. For example, I do it before my morning shower and get right in afterwards to rinse off all those dead skin cells. 

How to Perform Dry brushing

Dry brushing is done with your clothes off, preferably just before you get into the shower so it can help rinse all of those toxins out of your skin. Note that I said BEFORE my shower... the dry brushing should always be performed with a dry brush on dry skin.

Start down at your feet/ankles and work your way up your body, remembering to direct the brush strokes upwards toward your heart. 

Use firm, long, upward, sweeping strokes, I do them sort of quickly in a long firm circular motion but with more pressure on the upstroke. You should use a consistent firm pressure but be sure not to "scrub" your skin too hard as it may cause irritation or bleeding. Pink skin coloring afterwards is normal, but red and irritated is definitely too much pressure. 

Once your skin gets used to it, you can get a little more aggressive. But being sure not to break the skin in the mean time. Use the amount of pressure that is right for you. It changes for me- I go a little easier for the first few days then tend to use firmer strokes as my skin gets used to it. Dry brushing feels so good in the morning. To me, it's like getting a good back scratch all over.

Dry brushing offers multiple benefits including:

1.  Stimulates Your Lymphatic System

    Your lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating cellular waste products. Hundreds of miles of lymphatic tubules allow waste to be collected from your tissues and transported to your blood for elimination, (lymphatic drainage).When your lymphatic system is not working optimally more of the toxins, and waste build up and get stored in your cells. You then are more suseptible to disease and inflammation. Dry brushing stimulates your lymphatic system to keep moving and eliminating waste and toxins helping you stay healthy and energetic. Dry brushing is a very powerful detoxification tool. The stiffer the bristles on your brush, the more effective it is at stimulating your lymph system. 

    2.  Dry brushing helps reduce cellulite.  

    Our bodies are so over-invaded by toxic chemicals it is difficult to eliminate them all. Many of those toxins get trapped inside your fat cells and are difficult to remove once stored. They keep accumulating in your fat cells under your skin and appear as cellulite. Dry brushing helps break up those fat cells and release the toxins so that they can be eliminated by your bodies own natural channels (the lymphatic system).

    3.  Increases circulation- Dry brushing increases the circulation in your skin aiding in the transport of toxins out of the body

    4.  Exfoliate dead skin cells & Unclog pores- Dry brushing removes dead skin cells and helps unclog your pores so your skin can absorb more nutrients. After dry brushing you should try to avoid the use of harsh soaps or other chemicals on your skin. I like to use a Homemade Lavender and Frankincense Coconut oil Body Butter to help nourish my skin afterwards. Body Butter Recipe

    Try dry brushing your skin for the next 30 days and see how you look and feel!

    You can find more recipes for DIY Skin Care and cleaning products on my website and blog too.




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