Look GREAT in your old jeans by summertime naturally! - Karen Renee Knowles
Look GREAT in your old jeans by summertime naturally! (Get Fit series- #1)

Look GREAT in your old jeans by summertime naturally! (Get Fit series- #1)

March 01, 2016


Take charge of your weight loss by setting goals and creating a great Action Plan!!

Creating positive goals is the first step towards meeting them. Although, to advance in your plans, you need to think STRATEGY. You'll need to set up a clear plan of action in order to attack your goals one by one. Here’s how to get started.


 Get Organized

Begin by finding a place for all of your new fitness information, gear, equipment, health foods and beverages and any other fitness-related items. Take a moment, if necessary, to remove all unhealthy junk foods from your cabinets and rearrange your food shelves so that you have a special cabinet or shelf area just for your special snack bars, protein powder, supplements, recipes, and other fitness aids. Likewise, make space in your family room or other area where your fitness gear and equipment will go. De-clutter your space by clearing away old toys/ junk and toss out old outdated magazines, etc. Find a new storage bin for your hand weights, exercise mat, jump rope and other exercise equipment. Set up a special drawer or other storage unit for your fitness information; gym hours of operation, current monthly fitness class schedules, fitness logs, notebook, journal, audio cassettes, workout videos, books, DVDs, program literature, etc.

Review Your Program Materials

Next give your programs materials a thorough once over. Jot down any notes as you go along in a separate notebook. Place other materials in a folder; supplemental information that comes with your program, gym, equipment, etc. Listen to any audio components, read any instructions for equipment usage and installation, watch any video tutorials. Finally, review everything that your physician has shared with you about your health and fitness to help you set your weight loss goals.

Study Your Competition (research)

Then check out what your fellow fitness enthusiasts are doing as if you were in competition together. Example, they are successful and you want to get up there and compete with fitness on their level, too. So read the mini-case studies that often accompany fitness program and gym advertising and program packages. Read as much as you can about the subjects you are interested in to learn the best ways to go about them. This can even mean fitness success stories in library books, print magazines, articles, and online forums with people talking about their own experiences. Gather information to jot down in your notebook about what works best and what doesn’t for these success cases to help prepare yourself. 

Plot Your Action Plan

Based upon your initial research and studies of what your physician has said, any fitness information you have gathered, and case studies of the competition - Plan a strategy for your fitness success. Your plan should include what to do each day, how often, and how to measure results. For example, an action plan may include something along these lines:

Meet with my fitness trainer once a week to set goals and measure progress.

Meet my daily goals we’ve established including exercising, healthy eating and journaling.

OK, now it's time to move! Don’t delay your fitness success any longer. Take charge and start attacking your goals today!

This is post #1 of a month long series! join me this friday for post #2 More about your fitness goals See you in a few days!

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