Look GREAT in your old jeans by summertime naturally! (Get Fit series- - Karen Renee Knowles
Look GREAT in your old jeans by summertime naturally! (Get Fit series- #2)

Look GREAT in your old jeans by summertime naturally! (Get Fit series- #2)

March 04, 2016

Setting Up Your Fitness Goals
Setting up fitness goals is the first step towards reaching them. As the saying goes, "Fail to plan (then you) plan to fail." So let’s learn more about goal setting so that you can reach your fitness goals successfully. Make a goal and stick to it. If you make a mistake, and fall off the plan, get up and keep going! Never quit because of a small bump in the road or a little temptation strikes. 

Goal Setting Steps

Effective goals start with education. In other words, the goal setter has researched the details involved in order to complete the goals, and then set up specific step-by-step action plans with timed tasks along the way that are measurable in order to note progress along the way and success or failure with each.
Do yourself a favor and DO NOT simply state unplanned goals. For example, if you list a goal like, “I am going to be 70 lbs. lighter by this time next year.” This is too vague and you could be setting yourself up for failure. 

Set yourself up for SUCCESS!

Write down very precise goals and the action steps needed to get you there.  You should have already researched your method of exercise and gathered enough information to set smaller goals leading up to a larger goal. Cross off each step as you conquer it. For example. I want to run 10 miles within the next 90 days (your larger goal). Then set smaller goals in checklist format. Check them off as you achieve small successes (and reward yourself too). This will keep you excited and striving for more without getting overwhelmed thinking your ultimate goal is so far off. Start with a one mile run, then increase to 2 miles, and so on until you reach your ultimate goal. You will begin feeling and looking better with every step, that is some great motivation too.


Goal Setting Benefits:

For even more incentive to set goals, check out even more additional benefits you can get. First off, you can raise your self-confidence because you set out to do something and are working towards goal to better yourself. Also, You increase you motivation, pride and self satisfaction in a job well done. Plus you improve your life and have a new achievement to chalk up. You came, you saw, & you conquered yet another difficult challenge, something that was holding you back and leaving you unfulfilled.

Plus, check out these facts... Effective goal setters reportedly boast more self-confidence, focus, concentration, and have less stress & anxiety. Overall they are happier and lead more productive lives.

Research and Goal Development

Begin your fitness education by checking out some of the latest health and fitness books from your local library. You can ask your reference librarian for help finding what you are looking for. While you’re there, check out some of the latest health and fitness magazines like Fitness, Shape, Men’s Health, and Fitness magazines for Women. Also before setting up a fitness program, it’s a good idea to check with your physician first. He or she can help guide you in choosing a program that’s just right for your needs.

To help choose a good fitness program and plan to follow, you will need to consider a few things. Cost is definitely important, so make sure any home fitness equipment and fitness program fees and extra costs like exercise videos and special foods, snack bars, shakes, monthly gym memberships, and/or exercise class fees fit into your family budget.

There are a few things you can do to help with costs. Call the gym to see if they publish coupons and where to get them. Ask about special campaigns they may have like 10% off plus no registration fee for AAA (American Automobile Association) members. Check eBay or Amazon for discounted equipment and bulk snack bar or supplement purchases. Research and network online through popular fitness forums to find which gyms are best for what you want to do in your area. You can also find food, equipment, and other discount resources on and off line. Many people sell their used fitness equipment, so you may save some money buying used equipment at a lower cost.

When you’re finished with all your research, start setting positive fitness goals and steps to reach them based upon all of your research findings. See what the average weight loss is, for example, over how long of time and what it takes to get there. Then establish your goals and get moving!!  Why not start right now?


Be sure to join me next week with more information on getting fit for summertime! With my March Get Fit Series post # 3.

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