Holiday Promo Special -- $20 Cash Back on Premium Starter Kits! - Karen Renee Knowles
Holiday Promo Special -- $20 Cash Back on Premium Starter Kits!

Holiday Promo Special -- $20 Cash Back on Premium Starter Kits!

December 01, 2018

This offer is good for a limited time.  It is only available to members starting a new membership under my distributor #1821018 (which may also include members that have expired accounts and are looking to renew your account under my distributor #1821018).  Most of The Premium Starter Kits are $160 plus tax and shipping. You can choose any Premium Starter Kit to get started.  If you are ready to join now you can use this link to go directly to the Young Living order page.  The Sponsor Id and the Enroller Id will both need to have 1821018 for this offer to be valid. 

Bonus #1  I will send you back $20 cash back via your Paypal account, which only requires your email address to send.  Other ways of refund can be arranged if Paypal is not a possibility. I will send the refund within 2 weeks of a verified account. Easy as that.

Bonus #2 is a free guide to over 80 everyday use toxin free Cleaning and Body & Home Care Toxin-Free DIY recipes using mostly essential oils that can be found in the Premium Starter Kit to help you get started learning how to start using your oils in ways other than just for the wonderful scents. This E-book will be delivered to your email and available for direct download.  This book is in PDF format so it will be very easy for everybody view and print for your convenience.   

You will get your Starter Kit within about 2 weeks of ordering, so order soon to assure getting it before any important dates.  

If you want to see what comes in each of the Premium Starter Kits you can click on this link to learn more.

As a Young Living Member (by purchasing of a Premium Starter Kit) you will automatically receive your own Young Living Account where you can go in and order what you want when you want at 24% off, no strings attached.  You DO NOT have to sell any essential oils to be a member and get the discount. The only catch (if that's what you want to call it) is that you will have to order at least $50 worth of product a year to remain an active member.  Other wise your membership will go inactive and it will take a $50 order to renew your membership for another year.  Since Young Living offers so many products from essential oils, to organic cleaners, vitamins, hair & Body care, and now even Natural Organic Make-up it isn't hard to find $50 worth of products to buy each year. 

If you don't want to be a Young Living member and just want to purchase your oils at full retail price, that is an option through my site also.  But you will be forgoing all of the Free great bonuses and discounts!  

That said, Young Living has the purest essential oils that I could find in an oil company.  The fact that they have their own farms all over the world and insist that they care for the entire process from Seed to Seal to ensure top quality and completely organic oils is the best selling point for me.

Start changing your life today with this great offer!

If you have any additional questions that you can't find HERE  Please contact me at

This offer ends January 3 2019






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