March 2020 Young Living US Promos - Karen Renee Knowles
March 2020 Young Living US Promos

March 2020 Young Living US Promos

March 01, 2020

We know how crazy it can get as a parent, partner, leader, and business builder all at once. That’s why with March’s PV promo we’re offering essential oil blends such as Valor®, Clarity™, JuvaFlex® Vitality™, and Gentle Baby™ to help dreamers accomplish all their goals. We’re also offering a have-to-have gorgeous travel bag. 

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Clarity™ essential oil blend, 5 ml

• Keep your focus. While juggling your responsibility as parent, spouse, business owner, and community leader, swipe Clarity on your forehead and let the scent boost your alertness.
• Be bold, be brilliant. As you sprint from school to work or from meeting to meeting, inhale the powerful aroma of Clarity straight from the bottle to remember how capable you are!


Gentle Baby™ essential oil blend, 15 ml

• Soothe sweet babes. Between soccer practice and weekday errands, invite calm into your car by diffusing Gentle Baby with cotton balls placed in your air vents.
• Find simple joys. Adulting can be genuinely rewarding, despite the challenges. Inhale the nurturing scent of Gentle Baby on your wrists while writing down a few things you’re grateful for.

JuvaFlex® Vitality™ essential oil blend, 5 ml

• Find time for fuel. Before you rush out the door, make a green smoothie and add 2 drops of JuvaFlex Vitality to keep you full all the way to lunch and prevent drive-through munching.
• Stay on top of your game. For antioxidant and overall wellness support, take JuvaFlex Vitality in a vegetable capsule so you’re always able enough for your aspirations.*

Travel bag

• Take your oils everywhere. Nothing fuels stress like losing your oils at the bottom of your tote bag or backpack. Know just where those bottles are with this eye-catching lilac travel bag.
• Breathe in and out. With six loops for 15 ml bottles and six loops for 5 ml bottles, there’s a spot for every on-the-go oil you need. With a reminder to inhale and exhale on the front, you’ll be grounded and ready to keep going in no time.

Valor® essential oil blend, 5 ml

• Give it all you’ve got. With a bit of bravery, a killer plan, a lot of effort, and the empowering scent of Valor, nothing can stand in the way of accomplishing everything you set your mind to.
• Keep on keepin’ on. Wake up, start meditating with the sharp, revitalizing aroma of Valor, and get excited to do the little things that will make a big impact!

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