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Springtime Renewal with young Living April Promotions

Springtime Renewal with young Living April Promotions

April 02, 2019


 April Young Living Promotions are in, and so perfect for Spring Time Renewal!


5 ml Goldenrod

  • Relive springtime adventures with Goldenrod! Add a few drops of this grassy, sweet- smelling oil to your diffuser at night and you’ll slip into soothing dreams of simpler times.
  • Radiant look? Yes please! Mix this spring-scented oil with your face wash and your skin will look fresher and firmer in no time!

5 ml Dream Catcher

  • Chase creativity with Dream Catcher! Plug in your diffuser and add this blend for surprising citrus scents and decadent floral notes that will inspire you the way a gorgeous garden does.
  • Whether you’re climbing an actual mountain or a metaphorical one, breathe in the aroma of this light and bright blend for a quick burst of motivation as you run after your hopes and dreams.

4-pack Lavender Calming Bath Bombs

  • Seek renewal this spring! Feed two birds with one scone by relaxing in a Lavender-scented bath that also treats your skin to ultra-hydrating ingredients.
  • Now that the sun is up almost all day, you’re enjoying more adventures! Soothe and soften the wear and tear on your skin with a soak in a bath that’s as fresh as it is floral.

15 ml Tangerine

  • Let’s roll down the windows! Soak cotton balls with this tangy scent and stash them in your car vents so the smell of tangerines will forever recall bliss-filled road trips.
  • Find daily gratitude with Tangerine! Rub this zesty-smelling oil, mixed with V-6™, on your temples each night as you give thanks for the sun, the moon, and all the stars.*

15 ml Lemon

  • Your house can smell like it’s nestled in a lemon grove! Diffuse this oil for a crisp, luscious aroma that beats back odors that have no place in the home.
  • Spring cleaning that actually smells like spring? We’ve got you covered. Add Lemon to your plant-based cleaning products for a living space that smells as good as it looks!

5 ml Vetiver

  • Summer’s just around the corner! Use the exotic aroma of Vetiver to wrap up finals, big projects, and major deadlines so you can head on vacation worry free!
  • While you’re jumping in and out of pools, lakes, and oceans, you’ll want to go makeup free! Put your best face forward and use Vetiver as a part of your skin care routine.

Bonus Essential Rewards: 5 ml Clary Sage

  • Get stunning hair that even mermaids will envy! Add Clary Sage to your shampoo for hair that looks as healthy as the sun is bright.
  • Combine this herbaceous and slightly honey-scented oil with V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex and massage into your shoulders after a stressful day.

Bonus Essential Rewards: 10 Essential Rewards points

  • Use these 10 Essential Rewards points to get sunny-weather favorites like Lavender Lip Balm and Lemon Vitality essential oil.
  • Note: Points can take up to three days to be credited to accounts.




  Tidying is one way we can clear space within our homes, hearts and minds; making room for a new sense of order and intention. Give your home a fresh start with natural home cleaning essentials like Thieves Foaming Hand Soap, Thieves essential oil, Thieves Household Cleaner and an exclusive branded glass spray bottle, Lemon, Thieves Spray, Purification and the 2019 Printed Product Guide (English) free with your qualifying orders!

Learn more about the products below:

Thieves Household Cleaner 426 ml (ER Bonus)*: 

Tackle countless surfaces with this single, multipurpose cleaner! This powerful, concentrated cleaner is natural, effective and 100 percent plant-and mineral-based, empowering you with a single natural solution for cleaning your home.

Thieves Spray Bottle (ER Bonus)*: 

Enhanced with convenient dilution instructions, this exclusive branded glass spray bottle is the best way to tackle your most important household cleaning tasks!

Lemon 15 ml: 

Refresh and reset with an instant pick-me-up from the cool, fresh scent of Lemon. Its bright and uplifting aroma helps eliminate distractions while you tidy, and even the stickiest surfaces are no match for this cleaning giant.

2019 English Product Guide: 

Kick up your feet and take a breather from spring cleaning! Flip through the pages of this A-Z reference to discover fun DIYs, new products and all things Young Living that support your green living goals!

Thieves Spray (ER Bonus)*: 

Stay well-equipped with this portable essential for on-the-go cleaning. Ideal for small surfaces such as doorknobs, handles and more, you’ll be ready to tackle small surfaces wherever life takes you.

Thieves Foaming Hand Soap (ER Bonus)*: 

This gentle blend of Thieves, Orange and Lemon essential oils effectively cleanses and conditions hands without harsh chemicals.

Purification 5 ml: 

Purify the air to create a sense of order and cleanliness, promoting a healthy environment for you and your family. Diffuse to get rid of unwanted odours, or to enjoy its lively, crisp scent.

Thieves 15 ml: 

Make your home smell as clean as it looks with this warm, inviting blend. Whether you’re adding 1-2 drops to mop water for added cleaning power or combining with baking soda to deodorize and refresh carpets, its spicy scent is a household staple and welcoming reprieve from harsh cleaning formulas.


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