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16 gauge 14k Yellow or Rose Gold Filled Neckwire

Necklace length
Precious Metal
16 Gauge 14kt Yellow or Rose Gold Filled Neckwire
This listing is for one 16 Gauge 14kt Yellow or Rose Gold Filled Neckwire Hand Sculpted using 16 gauge wire and has a hook and loop clasp as shown in the pictures provided.
16 gauge wire is 1.29mm
and is a little thicker than the 18 gauge and feels a little more sturdy for heavier pendants. If you you are looking for a thinner or thicker gauge neckwire I also offer 18, 14, & 12 being the thickest gauge. (offered in other listings).

** See below for instructions on measuring your neck for the right fit.**

What length will fit you best?
14 inches is extra small for very thin necks or to wear higher on your neck more as a choker. Most others will be 15 inches or larger for the most part.
Extra small- 14 -14.5 inches
Small- 15 -16 inches
Medium- 16 -17.5 inches
Large 18 - 18.5 inches
Extra Large- 19 -20 inches

To help you find the right size in inches.... I prefer to wear mine closely-fitted to my neck but not too tight. Using a flexible tape measure (like one for measuring your body for clothes sizes), I suggest you measure loosely around your neck right around the soft area just above the collarbone then add 1/2 inch. If you like it closely fitted, is is the size you want, you can add an inch or two for a looser fit. It is all your preference.  With the tape measure in place move your neck around in all directions and allow the tape measure to expand as needed. If you feel any pull with the tape measure then it is too tight and you need to add. If the tape measure feels  too tight, the neckwire will be too tight. If you are not sure, it is always better to go a little too big than a little too small. Hope this helps. 
Choose any length you want between 14 and 20 inches, full or half sizes. you measure your neck and tell me exactly what size you want me to make it.  Choose the length needed from the drop down box. The prices change by length.
The type of wire I use is just hard enough to make a good neckwire and also has a little give for custom adjusting to your neckline. You can gently hand manipulate the wire to form around your neck for best comfort. Which is my favorite part about these. Although my neckwire looks terrible laying off of my neck, when I put it on it hugs all of my necks contours perfectly and looks great. Just a little hand polishing with a cotton cloth will keep it shiny and clean.
 I have been making and selling neckwires on Ebay since 2003 as Unique Jewel Designs and on Etsy (@KarenReneeKnowles) since 2018. The neckwires are made by hand us a single piece of wire cut to a customized length and hand formed. The neckwires are hand formed all the way through the hook and loop clasp using only my hands, wire cutters, & pliers, then hand polished to shine. These neckwires work out really great and hold up well as long as you care for them properly. (meaning it may look funky if you cram it in your purse all day). 

is measured in gauges. The thickness of the wire increases as the gauge number decreases. (ex. 18 gauge wire is thicker than 20 gauge wire, 20 gauge wire is thicker than 22 gauge wire, etc.).

20ga = .81mm
18ga =1.02mm
16ga = 1.29mm
14ga = 1.63mm
12ga= 2.06mm

Please contact me if you have any questions not answered here.

Materials:  14kt gold filled wire

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