Square cartilage mini hoop, conch, nose piercing, earrings, orbital- 20 gauge Square Wire

Karen Renee Knowles

This listing is for One (1) Square Mini hoop in your choice of size and precious metal

20 gauge Square Wire- Square shape loop- Cartilage Hoop, Nose Septum, Conch, Tragus, Rook, Daith, Nose piercing, Earrings, Lip Hoop, Orbital

This mini hoop is made from (20 GAUGE SQUARE Wire) which has 4 flat sides instead of the typical round wire--> in your choice of 14k Yellow gold filled, 14k Rose Gold filled, or Argentium .935 Anti-tarnish silver wire
20/21 gauge wire is a typical ear wire gauge.

Gauge = Thickness of wire in mm

24 ga = .51mm
22 ga = .64mm
21 ga = .71mm
20 ga =.81mm
19 ga =.91mm
18 ga = 1.02mm
16 ga = 1.29mm
14 ga = 1.63mm
12 ga = 2.06mm

This hoop is popular for Cartilage Hoop, Nose Ring, Nose Septum piercing, Tragus, Daith, Conch, Rook, Helix, Lip hoop, Earrings, or other pierced body parts of choice.

Every piece of jewelry in my shop is individually handcrafted by me in my studio. I take extra care to make sure the ends are completely smooth and rounded for added comfort. No sharp edges or burrs to cause tears or discomfort when inserting your piercing. My finishing process includes de-burring, filing, smoothing, tumbling, & polishing the mini hoops to a shine.

The photo attached shows approximate sizes to help guide you in the purchase of your mini hoop ring. Everybody's ears are very different, so it is to be used as a guide only.

Size comparison chart *** My measurements are of the INNER DIAMETER of the hoop***

5mm = .20"
6mm = .24" or 1/4"
7mm = .28"
8mm = .31"
9mm = .35"
10mm = .39
11mm = .43 or almost 7/16"
12mm = .47" or almost 15/32" = almost 1/2 inch
13mm =.51 or slightly over 1/2 inch
14mm = .55"
15mm = .59"
16mm = .63"
17mm = .67
18mm = .71"
19mm = .75 or 3/4 inch
20mm = .79

Materials: Gold,Silver

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