Another Reason Thieves Essential Oil is MY favorite! - Karen Renee Knowles
Another Reason Thieves Essential Oil is MY favorite!

Another Reason Thieves Essential Oil is MY favorite!

November 13, 2015 1 Comment

Check this out! I have always bragged about how much I love Thieves and how it has changed my life in so many ways, well, here is a great example of why I love it so much.

First off, I am the type of person who likes to see things with my own eyes so this was a really easy test to conduct. It was really cool to see how the Thieves effected the bread like this. Even though I already knew how great Thieves essential oil is I am very impressed by this experiment!

 I saw another test from several years ago with a Petri dish. The dish was divided into 4 sections- 1. Thieves,2.  Lavender, 3. Hand Sanitizer and 4. another oil (can't remember which one). The hand sanitizer actually had the most bacteria growth of all the sections. The Thieves was almost no bacterial growth. I studied Science for 4 years getting my Bachelor's in Science at U of M doing tons of these experiments in Science Lab Classes. One of these days I would love to get my hands on a petri dish and do some experiments  to see the results with my own eyes. 

 So anyways, A few weeks ago I saw a Facebook post with Thieves essential oil blend on a piece of bread and wanted to see if I could reproduce the results.

I put this piece of Italian Bread in a baggie with a drop (I think 2 dripped out) of thieves essential oil blend from Young Living (in the lower right corner) to see if it would effect how the bread grows mold. I guess the results speak for themselves! See for yourself!


Date: 10-5-15 Bread with a drop of Thieves Blend was placed in a baggie and stored in a dark cabinet for almost a month. It took over 2 weeks for the mold to even start forming. 

Here are the results that I found after checking the bread on 11-13-15. This completely blows me away! After almost a month 10/15/15 - 11/13/15 (today) This is how the bread looks. 

This is just ONE of the many reasons I love Thieves essential oil! 

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Karen Knowles
Young Living Independent Distributor # 1821018



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Bernita Dockery
Bernita Dockery

November 13, 2015

Oh my goodness Karen seeing is believing. Thanks you for doing this! I will be showing this off!!

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